Hotel Garni Montanara ****

Saunas with different temperatures and pleasant aromas and herbal scents detoxify your body and reanimate your circulation. Quiet chill-out music and the patter of the waterfall will immerse you in a dream-like world of relaxation.

  • Finnish Sauna (80°C - 90°C)
  • Bio sauna with colour light therapy (55°C - 60°C)
  • Aromatic herbal steam bath (ca. 42°C - 100% humidity)
  • Sole inhalation steam bath (ca. 45°C - 100% humidity)
  • Infrared therapy sauna
  • Cold grotto with ice fountain
  • Two relaxation rooms with relaxation loungers and waterbeds
  • Waterfall
  • Heated seating area
  • Drinking fountain with homeopathic spring water
  • Jungle showers with revitalising water
  • Changing cubicle with hair-drying area and dressing table